Wheelded robots

Embodied Lizard Auditory System (ELiAS) robot

ELiAS is a wheeled robot assembled with components from the Robotics Starter Kit from Digilent Inc.–the chassis, the DC motors (6 V), the corresponding H-bridge motor drivers, the rear wheels and a front omnidirectional ball caster wheel. It has a Lizard peripheral auditory system for studying acoustic navigation. A WiFi access point (model TL-WR802N from TP-LINK Technologies Co. Ltd.) allows wireless access to the robot controller for programming purposes. A 12,000 mAh lithium polymer power bank (model Xtorm AL450 from A-solar bv) serves as the power source for the robot.

Circular legged-wheeleD roBOT (CDBOT)

CDBOT is a legged-wheeled robot. It consists of two legged wheels, two light sensors, and two IR sensors. It is used as an experimental platform for studying locomotion and reactive behavior control.