Technology transfer

We have employed our developed neural mechanisms as useful building blocks (generalization and transferable) for signal processing and control of other systems.

EMG-based prosthetic hand control


In collaboration with Dr. Massimo Sartori and Prof. Dr. Dario Farina (former Director) of the Institute of Neurorehabilitation Systems at the University Medical Center Göttingen, we have transferred and implemented the already demonstrated operational neural reservoir-based mechanism to the Michelangelo prosthetic hands of Ottobock. The neural mechanism acts as EMG signal processing with embeded internal memory. The preprocessed EMG signals are used to generate smooth and robust hand movements.

EEG-based robot control

We have developed a framework for brain – computer interface for robot control. The list of functionalities of the framework includes data acquisition, data processing, feature extraction and classi cation. The list is further extended with options for robot control and simulation due to the framework integration with the lpzrobots and gorobots software. The framework also can save, visualise and stream the acquired data because of its integration with ROS. As a proof of concept several experiments were performed with a single channel EEG device and a real hexapod robot. The experiments showed that the framework is able to demonstrate real robot control based on real EEG recordings as well as recording of neuron synchronisation and desynchronisation over the motor cortex area.

The result of the EEG-based robot control framework can be seen from this Video