Here you find a list of currently open thesis projects. If you do not find a project on the list that suits you, please just come around and see us in person.

Neural mechanisms for motor control, memory, and learning (contact Poramate Manoonpong)

  • Autonomous lifelong learning for robotic systems
  • Adaptive lower-limb/upper-limb exoskeleton control
  • Neural dynamics and multiple time-scale learning for cognitive robots
  • Decentralized CPG-based control with force feedback of multi-limbed robots
  • Bio-inspired climbing control of gecko robots
  • Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)
  • Soft brain for soft body
  • Dung beetle-like robot and locomotion control
  • Millipede-like robot and locomotion control
  • Proactive control for service robotics
  • Compliant robot arm control for human-robot interaction
  • Robot-robot interaction, cooperation, & communication (Swarm intelligence)
  • Brain-machine interface for device control
  • Autonomous drones under neural control
  • 3D force feedback for adaptive robot locomotion


Master thesis template V1 , V2