LocoKit is a robot construction kit optimized for building light-weight, dynamic robots. LocoKit provides a complete package for building your robot including mechanics, electronics, and software.
You can easily built a robot from the LocoKit mechanical components using a screw driver and a hex key (both included). You can also take them apart again and reuse the components for another project. If you are lucky to have a rapid prototyping machine available, e.g. a 3D printer, you can easily extend the system with your own parts to build even more advanced robots.


LocoKit electronics is ready to go. Once you have attached the cables connecting the battery to the main board and the cables attaching the main board to the motors you are done. If you remember to turn it on. For those with electronics skills there is a wealth of available pins for attaching your own sensors. The robot can, once turned on, be controlled using a standard web-browser running on any WiFi enabled device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). No software installation required. Again for those of you with programming skills, you can program the robot either in C or Python. A full development suite is available on-board, but you can also develop on your own platform and copy source files using Secure Shell (ssh – free for all major operating systems) to the robot for compilation and execution.
LocoKit is built to get you the robot you need for your research or educational project as fast as possible without compromising on quality.