LOFT project

LOFT: Long-term autOnomy For service robots in consTructionLOFT: Long-term autOnomy For service robots in consTruction

LOFT  is funded by Odense Robotics and runs from 1 September 2021 – 31 December 2022. 

LOFT’s purpose is to explore the potential of robotics and AI in the construction sector by employing mobile service robots with long-term autonomy to transport material for workers reliably and efficiently while maintaining safe worker-robot interaction.  To achieve the aim, LOFT will develop and deliver intelligent robot control technology with advanced perception and safe and social-aware navigation for service robots in the construction industry. We will evaluate and demonstrate the control technology on a real mobile robot in a construction site and create a video of the robot demo for project dissemination. A final dissemination event (workshop) will be done at the end of the project.

LOFT has in total 11 partners: three knowledge partners (SDU, DTI, DTU), and eight companies (Hecto Drone ApS, Buildcode ApS, Desupervised ApS, Lorenz Technology ApS, Capra Robotics ApS, Meili Robots ApS, NCC ApS, Robstruct ApS).

Kick-off meeting 14.10.2021 at DTI, Odense



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